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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Miss You! So what?

I try to talk to you, but I don't know what to say. I am afraid you don't want me to say anything. So I don't. But inside of me there are words waiting to come out. And tell you how I feel-like how I miss you. And how I love you despite my broken heart. And how I need you in my life. And especially how much I want you. But those words may forever stay in my heart-locked inside. Sometimes I wonder if there are words locked inside you too... but I'll never know. WHEN ...
I want to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why. WHAT ????

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why,..... Why love?

Honestly, I am looking for someone who will keep my heart secured and warmed with love everyday. It is not an exaggeration but my heart gets cold lately – it’s below the zero degree or to be exact, it is at thirteen degrees Celsius. I want to live life with the highest intensity of happiness. On the other hand, I want to but I am already sick of hoping for someone that never comes. I am already scared to be hurt again. I don’t want to be hurt again. Well, who wants to be HURT anyway? I don’t want to ruin the meaning of my life with the pains – with the hurting. Until I met this girl. No, I’m not talking about the girl in my previous post.

I wanted to write something but I can’t think of words that suit best to my emotions right now. Let me picture out this way: My day won’t be complete without seeing her face. And I can’t sleep. Or maybe, I am just dreaming that I can’t sleep. I do not know. I do not understand. All I am sure of is that, she is everything to me as of now.

She is pretty. She is kind. She seems to have invisible wings of an angel. Yes, an angel, that’s what I think of her – she’s the angel of my dreams. She has an angelic face and an angelic smile. Her eyes are sparkling hot. Her body is just right. She really has that features of an angel. Or maybe, she really is. She is an angel in human form…

Aside from her angelic features, I also sense some things from her which made her distinctive from other girls. Her smile has that power of seemingly melting my heart. It’s like my heart was burned every time I take I glimpse of her – but no, I don’t think my heart was really burned. Above all, there is that unfathomable feeling – a feeling which I cannot figure out what. She smells sweet but I guess her scent has nothing to do with it. Her hair is beautiful but I guess it has nothing to do with it too. Hmmmmmm… Maybe this is LOVE. Maybe this is the feeling they call LOVE.

People say that love is like a give and take game or a game of puzzles wherein one must play wisely. Others say love is thorny and bloody. Some say that loving someone is tough. Well, if this feeling that I am feeling right now is indeed LOVE, then love for me is indeed mysterious and undefined. It left me now asking: Who can ignore LOVE? Who invented this mysterious feeling they call LOVE? Why LOVE captivated me this way? Why LOVE?

(Inspired by listening to my song playlist and with the thoughts of that girl!)



When I was looking for someone unique
I found YOU because YOU’re true

When I found YOU
I fell in love with YOU because YOU’re like an angel

When I fell in love with YOU
I felt pain because you said we’re better being just friends
and nothing more

When I felt pain inside
I accepted life would be like this forever

“I want to live life with love and pain with YOU as my angel and my friend rather than living life without pain, without love, and without YOU!”

I will upload pictures later!

Monday, May 4, 2009

sHe MaKeS wEaK!

Song Title: Flavor of the Week
Artist: American Hi Fi

She paints her nails,
And she don't know,
He's got her best friend on the phone.
She'll wash her hair,
His dirty clothes,
Are all he gives to her.
And he's got posters on the wall, of all the girls he wished she was.
And he means everything to her.

Her boyfriend, he don't know, anything about her. He's too stoned. Nintendo. I wish that I could make her see,
She's just the flavor of the week.

It's Friday night and she's all alone. He's a million miles away. She's dressed to kill, but the tv's on, he's connected to the sound. And he's got pictures on the wall, of all the girls he's loved before, and she knows all his favorite songs.

Her boyfriend, he don't know, anything about her. He's too stoned. Nintendo. I wish that I could make her see, she's just the flavor of the week.

Her boyfriend, he don't know, anything about her. He's too stoned, he's too stoned, he's too stoned, he's too stoned.

Her boyfriend, he don't know, anything about her, he's too stoned. Nintendo. I wish I could make her see, she's just the flavor of the week. Yeah, she's the flavor of the week.

She makes me weak...


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Please Help Me!

I was having an overnight at the student publication office when an idea entered my brain to browse the website of the discovery channel. What the heck entered my brain? I clicked and clicked and clicked and clicked until I encountered a link “Your Spirit World Stories”. I found it interesting… It is a forum about paranormal experiences or spiritual experiences. I tried to scan some interesting topics until my interest was caught by the subject “please help me!” by luvable_courtney. I was able to notice it right away because of its high ratings.

Please help me” is a forum of a girl named Courtney who is asking for help. She claimed that she was disturbed by demons in her house and so on... It sounds weird but that was she wrote in her post.

If you have time, try to read some of the stories there. Maybe some are true or maybe some are just made-up... I dunno!.. Some stories there are amazingly scary... It is very interesting though... Hehehe!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Accidentally in LoVE

There was one time when my brain and I wanted a new post in my blog, therefore, my brain and I decided to update it. My brain and I went to adsense to check my account but nothing had change. "Putchas! wala pa unod bisan piso" hehehehehe! My brain and I changed my mode to posting but my brain and I was not able to think of a weird topic. Hehehe! Suddenly, my brain and I noticed that my labels were wrongly spelled (hehehe!), therefore, my brain and I changed it. But unfortunately, I clicked the wrong button (walay labot ang brain ako ray ga-click) and suddenly there was a message that goes there is no more post. Huhuhuh! And now, I decided to change my blog's template. Hahayss!

Moral Lesson: " Never click anything or touch anything without your brain's permission!"


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