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Monday, December 15, 2008

Accidentally in LoVE

There was one time when my brain and I wanted a new post in my blog, therefore, my brain and I decided to update it. My brain and I went to adsense to check my account but nothing had change. "Putchas! wala pa unod bisan piso" hehehehehe! My brain and I changed my mode to posting but my brain and I was not able to think of a weird topic. Hehehe! Suddenly, my brain and I noticed that my labels were wrongly spelled (hehehe!), therefore, my brain and I changed it. But unfortunately, I clicked the wrong button (walay labot ang brain ako ray ga-click) and suddenly there was a message that goes there is no more post. Huhuhuh! And now, I decided to change my blog's template. Hahayss!

Moral Lesson: " Never click anything or touch anything without your brain's permission!"


mavs said...

it's not just your fault alone...
it should be blame to you and your brain...lolz
tnx for following...
tats au ko yotch...

tagalogblogger said...

hmm. mganda ang moral lesson ah. haha.




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