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Monday, December 15, 2008

Accidentally in LoVE

There was one time when my brain and I wanted a new post in my blog, therefore, my brain and I decided to update it. My brain and I went to adsense to check my account but nothing had change. "Putchas! wala pa unod bisan piso" hehehehehe! My brain and I changed my mode to posting but my brain and I was not able to think of a weird topic. Hehehe! Suddenly, my brain and I noticed that my labels were wrongly spelled (hehehe!), therefore, my brain and I changed it. But unfortunately, I clicked the wrong button (walay labot ang brain ako ray ga-click) and suddenly there was a message that goes there is no more post. Huhuhuh! And now, I decided to change my blog's template. Hahayss!

Moral Lesson: " Never click anything or touch anything without your brain's permission!"


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